Employment History

Free Spirit Media, Vancouver BC Canada
Freelance Contractor/Consultant - 2000 -Present

  • Contract Positions Include:  Web Development & Marketing Specialist, Direct Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Marketing Specialist/Internet e-Marketing Specialist, MSCE + I,
  • Executive Liaison, Web Design, Marketing Consultant, Project Manager

· For the last seven years, I have been involved in the design, development and on-going maintenance of several web development projects.(over 300)  Sites included are real estate, mortgage brokerage firms, travel industry, eco-tourism, environmental, health and personal fitness, e-cards, lotteries, photography, wildlife rehabilitation, astrology, print brokerage, helicopter sales, hospitality, pet and customer service related. Further details, with company names, are available on my portfolio site at www.freespiritmedia.com

· I also volunteer my time as Webmaster for animal welfare, women’s groups and other non-profit organizations. I developed and designed their sites, designed their newsletters, e-mail marketing and fundraising campaigns as well as administer several online message board communities.

· Previous to the above, for over five years I worked primarily on contract as a consultant within the direct marketing arena, (will provide more information regarding these companies via personal interview) as well as contributed to projects with various start-ups, established IT companies and software developers (streaming media, investor relations, gaming, search engine technologies, investor relations, lotteries) helping to brand and market their products.

· Other proficiencies included permission-based email marketing initiatives, sales channel marketing, in-depth market research, list management, direct & internet mail campaign management, investor relations software, copywriting and web content development. Additional positions held included Executive Liaison to the CEO and consulting to their Internet Marketing Department. Further details available on my portfolio website and upon request.

WSi Interactive Corporation, Vancouver, BC Canada
01/2000 -09/2000

Senior Project Manager - Direct Marketing Manager - Targetpacks.com

At this Internet incubator company I re-designed, planned and led this and other projects into their official worldwide launches  My duties included market research, writing the business and marketing plans, profit and loss financial statements and organizing a pool of writers and journalists for online content sales

Cathay Online Inc, Vancouver, BC Canada
04/2000 -10/2000

Senior Project Manager - Flashcandy.com

· Online Greeting Card Company developed for worldwide email list acquisition. I organized and worked with a team of talented graphic artists, animators, web development specialists, and programmers to offer some of the most entertaining email greeting cards online. The revenue model for Flashcandy included Business-to-Consumer products and services but was primarily focused on the Business-to-Business relationships and relationship building including the following components:

· Value added services for companies by using virtual cards as a delivery method of virtual/digital gifts

· Value added services for companies by using virtual cards as pre-delivery/post-delivery and information notification

· Sell/develop/rent custom cards to corporations for mass mailing (i.e. Xmas card lists)

· Use cards as delivery method of bulk mailings
(i.e. Opt-in newsletters/announcements etc.)

· Bulk mailing, list management, list rental

· Cards sent to print shops with a commission structure

· 3rd party products for sale via Flashcandy,

· Licensing of content for other sites to purchase/lease/rent

Free Spirit Media, Vancouver, BC Canada
1994 -Present

Web Development and Marketing Consultant (SEO, Direct & Internet)

· I am an independent contractor specializing in: web development, Internet Marketing and Senior Project Management. Some of my contracts include designing and implementing interactive websites, supplying e-commerce solutions, extensive target market research, and permission-based email marketing and customer relationship management. I am experienced and trained in most multimedia and graphic animation software. (Adobe, Macromedia)

Skills utilized within the development process include:

·        Needs Analysis – understanding goals, audience & marketing

·        Information Architecture  – planning content themes & navigation

·        Creative Design – creating & refining unique Web site design

·        Implementation – bringing together optimization, design & technical

·        Final Testing – quality assurance: testing in multiple environments

·        Site Launch – acquiring final approval & validation as the Web site goes live.

Client Relation Skills throughout:  4- Stage Project Sign-off Process

1.       Project scope – definition of project requirements and responsibilities.

2.       Software design – detailed description of the software functionality.

3.       Concept Web design – design of the Web site navigation and page layout.

4.       Site content – the functional Web site with the real content included.

Lerosia Lingerie   
1992 - 1998


Lerosia Lingerie Inc. was my own venture that I researched, developed and marketed after realizing the demand for this popular market niche. I designed and marketed high-end lingerie for larger women via mail order and the Internet. I was assigned one of the first online e-commerce merchant accounts from The Royal Bank of Canada. This undertaking also offered me the opportunity to mentor and produce training programs for women considering their own start-up ventures. I sold the designs & company in 1998 to a large US-based retailer.


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